About Us

Founder Shelley West, is an independent designer and retailer of forward-thinking footwear and golf accessories.
Our premium products are hand-crafted in established old world factories in small runs, with their look of quality and timeless luxury, to always stand out in the crowd.
Shelley's purpose is about elevating women's confidence on and off the course, believing that playing this game that we love while looking and feeling exceptional is one of the greatest privileges in life.


Shelley West, President of Nailed Golf

Becoming a vision after the final broken nail on the course, Nailed Golf has risen to the Premier Distributor of Women’s Gloves & Shoes

Everyday, I go to work hoping to do two things: provide the highest quality best fitting products, and to empower women to only settle for the opulence & luxury that they deserve.

Our mission is to inspire and empower women to confidently demand the best for themselves and their fellow golf sisters – one woman, one golf course at a time.

The Journey to the Pro Shop:

Being one to enjoy the finer things in life, I was extremely disappointed when I began golfing 15 years ago, that women were not provided very many high-quality items, in fact, many were forced to accept wearing inferior, ill-fitting masculine items!!

The distasteful prospect of being forced to wear an oversized man’s glove, left me resorting to stuffing my long slender hand into standard women’s gloves, which were too short, and regularly snapped off my finger nails. The last time that happened was when I decided to take matters into my own hands….literally!

We all know that confidence increases when we look and feel great and we proudly offer women the highest quality best fitting products to help them up their games!

We’ve grown from being the only company to offer women 2 glove sizing models of the highest quality best fitting gloves, to now also offering women forward thinking footwear that are hand-crafted in small runs with their look of quality and timeless luxury, and always stand out in the crowd.

It brings me such joy to see the look on my customers faces when they slip on our luxurious gloves or WesTees shoes for the first time.

Accept Only The Best!

We’re not just passionate purveyors of high quality products, we also believe having them is the god given right of every woman, in all areas of life.