Strategic Tee Box Selection: Your Path to Golfing Bliss

Strategic Tee Box Selection: Your Path to Golfing Bliss

Greetings fellow golf enthusiasts!

In the spirit of camaraderie and efficient play, let's delve into the art of selecting the perfect tee box for an enjoyable and swift round of golf. As someone who values the essence of the game over ego, I've often found myself contemplating the importance of tee box choices and the impact they have on our overall experience on the course.


 **The Folly of Ego and the Quest for Enjoyable Play**

 Firstly, let me confess: I'm no fan of slow play. It's a challenge that plagues the golfing world, and I could dedicate an entire blog post to that topic alone. But today, let's focus on a more proactive approach – choosing the right tee box.

 With a straight drive that spans around 210 yards, my go-to tee box is generally around or under 5,600 yards. Yet, I've encountered the frustration of "lady" tees often being an afterthought, hovering around 5,200 yards, while the next tee box leaps to over 6,000 yards. Thankfully some courses have created a combination blending the 5,200-yard tees with the next set for a customized golfing experience.


 **Choosing with Intention, Not Just by Color or Label**

 Observing golfers mindlessly select tee boxes based on color or labels like "lady," "senior," or "pro" has always bewildered me. Shouldn't the essence of golf be rooted in enjoyment and fun? I advocate for conscious choices tailored to individual skill levels. After all, we're golfers, not sheep!

 In my golfing journey, playing with men has sometimes meant facing unwarranted pressure to play from tee boxes I'm not comfortable with. Asserting my choice is met with comments about "advantages" from playing the so-called "girl tees." While it's tempting to throttle egos, the truth is, one-size-fits-all tee box assignments are ludicrous. We are diverse players with unique needs and preferences, and that diversity should be celebrated, not stifled.


**Defying Misconceptions: Coolness vs. Practicality**

 Contrary to the misconception that playing from the back tees is cool, the reality is that many players attempt longer tee boxes than their abilities allow. This not only hampers the pace of play but also harms individual scores. To truly embrace the game, envision the perfect drive and approach shot. If reaching the greens in regulation seems unattainable, you might be on the wrong tee box.


**Strategies for Choosing Your Ideal Tee Box**

 Consider the "Driver X 28 Computation Method" – multiply your average driver distance by 28 for the ideal course length. For instance, my 200-yard drives align perfectly with a 5,600-yard course.

 Alternatively, adopt the "Tee it Forward" method based on your average driver distance, ensuring a more personalized experience:

 - 300 yards: 7,150 - 7,400 yards

- 275 yards: 6,700 – 6,900 yards

- 250 yards: 6,200 – 6,400 yards

- 200 yards: 5,200 – 5,400 yards

- 175 yards & under: 4,600 yards & under


If there's a gap between the forward and the next set of tees, choose one within 5% of your ideal yardage. And remember, unless you're keeping an official handicap, feel free to craft your own course by adjusting hole lengths.


**Take a Stand, Enjoy Your Game**

 In the face of pressure from those advocating for uniform tee box choices, stand your ground. Golf is your game, meant for your enjoyment. Trust your judgment and choose what's best for you.

 See you on the golf course, you gorgeous golfing fashionista!


Shelley West


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