A New Magazine For Passionate Golf Women!

A New Magazine For Passionate Golf Women!

I'm excited to share with you a fabulous new magazine called 

A BIRDIES VIEW, that is tailored specifically for women who love golf and crave a community that celebrates their passion. 


A BIRDIES VIEW is written by some European women entrepreneurs in the golf industry and is creating captivating stories of international brands breaking barriers and inspirational women making their mark on the greens.


I am so pleased to have been interviewed about my journey into the industry and be featured in the Feb/Mar Issue.


Subscription for 12 Editions is only $36!


Dive into exclusive features, uncover special offers, and discover expert tips on exercises, mindfulness, and the best beauty products to keep you looking vibrant on the course.


Subscribe now and unlock a world of possibilities where every swing is a statement and every putt is a triumph!


I'm delighted to share with you the latest golf magazine that I've been enjoying! I always enjoy introducing captivating golf-related features and products that capture my interest.


Regardless of your golf proficiency, there's something fantastic awaiting you! 


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See you on the fairways!


Shelley West