Choosing the right shoes for your outfit.

Choosing the right shoes for your outfit.

Let's be honest, ladies share a special connection with their shoes and bags – those cherished accessories that accompany us through every stage of life. The right pair of shoes can elevate our outfits and influence how we feel about ourselves. Selecting the perfect shoes to complement your outfit might be challenging, especially if you're not a professional stylist. To make this task easier, we've crafted a guide to help you always look your best, particularly when it comes to choosing the ideal golf shoe for your outfit.


Gone are the days of strictly adhering to the old-fashioned rule of matching shoe color with your bag or belt. The key is not to overwhelm your outfit with too many matching elements. Stick to repeating a color only twice in your ensemble for a cohesive and polished look. If your outfit boasts various colors, choose shoes that match one of them. 


In other words, you can choose to match the color of your shoes with your belt, or your jewelry with your bag, but you shouldn't try to coordinate the colors of all these accessories together. This approach helps create a balanced and stylish look without overwhelming the outfit with too much color.



The aim is to let your shoe choice complement your outfit rather than compete with it. If your main garment is bold and flashy, opt for understated shoes to maintain balance. Conversely, if your outfit is plain or monotone, seize the opportunity to showcase a pair of vibrant shoes that add flair to your look. Strive for equilibrium, avoiding the dominance of a single item or an overly monochromatic appearance. If your attire is one solid color, opt for complementary shoes rather than an exact match.



Believe it or not, your body type plays a role in choosing the right golf shoes. For shorter women, avoid wearing skinny pants or tights to prevent a top-heavy appearance. If you have larger feet, steer clear of pointy-toed shoes that can exaggerate foot length. Select shoes that flatter your legs and body type, prioritizing quality for a sophisticated look.


While our hearts may lead us to glamorous shoe choices, sensibility is crucial. Ensure your shoes not only complement your outfit but also suit the weather and provide comfort. Save delicate leather shoes for dry conditions, investing in waterproof rain boots for inclement weather. Water can deteriorate leather, so preserving them on wet days extends their lifespan. Reserve sandals for warm weather and choose premium fashion forward brands for golf shoes to exude sophistication. Sneaker style shoes are best paired with shorts and pants, not dresses or feminine skorts. Before embracing a trend, evaluate its practicality.


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Shelley West