Men's vs Women's Hands

Men's vs Women's Hands

Studies show that finger length varies significantly between sexes. Women tend to have slightly longer thinner fingers relative to palm breadth, palm length, and overall hand length compared to men. However, men generally have longer limbs, which contributes to their fingers being longer in relation to their body height.

One of the most notable differences between men and women in this context is that men typically have shorter and thicker fingers relative to their palm breadth, while women tend to have slightly longer thinner fingers in comparison to their palm width. On average, this difference is about 2.5%, meaning that women’s finger length relative to palm width is approximately 2mm longer than men’s.

It’s important to note that a woman's palm breadth will not match that of a man's, regardless of finger length. This difference underscores why most women should avoid wearing men’s golf gloves, as they would likely result in an oversized, ill-fitting glove. Additionally, research indicates that the average hand length in men is about 1.3 cm greater than in women, and the index-to-ring finger ratio is typically higher in women.

Understanding these differences is crucial for selecting the right golf glove. Women should seek gloves specifically designed for their hand proportions to ensure the best fit and performance on the golf course.

In summary, most women should not wear men’s gloves, and that is where Nailed Golf comes in, as the only company in the world to offer 2 sizing models for women…standard and elongated. Both sizing models offer the same feminine girth of the hand and more slender finger widths, and the elongated model offers additional finger length.

Our mission is to ensure that every woman have access to the highest quality best fitting glove of her life, because gloves matter!!

Shelley West

President & Designer