Unleash Your Potential: Harness the Power of Your Mind!

Unleash Your Potential: Harness the Power of Your Mind!

Are you ready to take your game to the next level?

EVERYTHING is within your grasp if you DECIDE and BELIEVE!

Whatever you conceive and believe, through persistence, you will achieve.

Everyone of the highly successful men and women who have cut a path to greatness in all walks of life, have been persistent. In many cases, it was the only quality which separated them from everyone else.

Consider Ben Hogan. He weighed only 135 pounds, but every ounce was saturated with Persistence. Born into a poor family, Hogan began to caddy at a local golf club as a boy to earn extra money for his family. This inspired a dream. He decided, he would become a great golfer.

Through a great deal of hard work, practice and Persistence, Ben Hogan became one of the world’s greatest golfers. In 1948, he won the US Open. His accomplishments earned him world recognition, but he had not yet faced his biggest challenge.

The next year, Hogan was involved in a head-on collision with a bus, and he was not expected to survive his injuries. He did, but the doctors said he would never walk again. That was their opinion, not Ben’s. He insisted his golf clubs be put in the corner of his hospital room as he began to visualize himself playing golf again.

One year later, Hogan won the US Open AGAIN! 54 of this 64 victories followed that near-tragic accident.

Does Belief and Persistence pay? You ask Ben Hogan!