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Nailed Golf

Golf Cart Seat Covers


A must have for every cart, especially with vinyl seats!

Protects you from the summer heat or from the winter cold!

Padded and lined for extra comfort, no slippage and weatherproofing.

8" x 8" Cel phone pocket.

Our custom Padded/Weatherproof Golf Cart Seat Covers Fits most carts.

They are designed to be an insulator between the seat and won't heat you up and it will protect you from the elements.

R&D was done in the California desert in 115F kept the heat from the vinyl seats off our bottoms....and in cold, it keeps the cold off of them.

Designed by a woman, for women.

We believe in providing women with the highest quality products available. Focus is put on products exuding elegance, comfort and fit for every woman, our gloves feel so comfortable and natural that ladies will never want to take them off.