5 Reasons Why Gloves Matter

5 Reasons Why Gloves Matter

Gloves are your connection to your club and your game. These 5 reasons will have you reconsider the importance of a golf glove.


1. Reliable contact between hand and club.

The hand produces an oily substance and has a propensity to sweat, so the golf club can easily slip or rotate during the golf swing. A glove provides just the right amount of dryness and tact necessary for a stable grip to eliminate slippage.


2. Consistent Grip Pressure

Light pressure with full control is what a good glove offers every golfer. If you grip your club too tightly, your muscles become rigid, decreasing their flexibility and speed. With a tight grip, the clubhead will not release properly through impact.


3. Faster Swing Speeds, Better Accuracy, and Increased Distance

When we grip our golf clubs tightly in order to gain control and power, we stiffen our muscles and rob ourselves of speed. Lower speed produces less distance! Maybe you don’t need that new driver, maybe you need an awesome golf glove! If you allow your golf glove to do the work of making consistent contact with your golf club, you can loosen your grip pressure and start seeing greater speed and increased distance.


4. Protect Your Hands

Repeated contact with anything will give your hands calluses. This is true even if your grips are cushioned. Gloves give that extra layer of protection. The added bonus is that the less callused our hands, the better the feel we have for any given golf shot.


5. Cooling Effect

Many golfers refuse to wear a glove because they feel it would make them feel too warm. On the contrary, a thin leather glove actually has a cooling effect. It is counterintuitive, but your hands will sweat less inside a glove on a warm day than outside a glove. When not wearing a glove, the sweaty hands will have an increasingly negative effect on your contact with your golf clubs throughout the round.


Golfers spend inordinate amounts of money on gadgets and equipment year in and year out in order to improve their game. The most immediate and least expensive way to make an improvement in your game is by wearing a premium quality leather glove(s) during all of your rounds of golf.