How To Make Your Golf Gloves Last Longer

How To Make Your Golf Gloves Last Longer

Comfort and fit is key to playing the best you can. Don't compromise your game by neglecting such an important piece of equipment. Golf gloves are the only thing between you and your club. An ill-fitting or worn our glove can negatively impact your swing. Many people wad them up and stuff them in their pockets, rather than the important piece of equipment that they are.


1. Don't let your glove get saturated by rain or sweat. If you start sweating in your glove, it's time to switch it out for the day.

2. Air out your glove in between rounds. Carry and rotate 2-6 gloves per round, depending on the conditions.

3. Don't tug at the tip or the wristband when putting on or taking off. Use your non-gloved hand to gently press the leather up or down around each finger.

4. Never dry your gloves with heat. Air dry only will laying them flat.

5. After your glove is dry, store it flat in the original packaging.


The higher the quality of leather doesn't mean it will last longer. In fact, quite the opposite! 

What makes a glove "Premium"? The simple answer is price.

The biggest factor contributing to the higher price tag is the material. Premium gloves are often thinner and less durable than their less expensive counterparts. You are paying for FEEL, not durability.

The best glove for your hand should fit like a second skin: smooth and wrinkle-free like baby ski.

You can keep the leather on your glove from breaking down and extending it's life. All it takes is a little time and effort.